Small Business IT Support

As business technology grows more complex and ubiquitous, many companies turn to managed IT services to provide small business IT support. By outsourcing your IT services to an organization dedicated to keeping abreast of best practices and investing in new and emerging technologies, your company can reap significant benefits while deferring company resources to your core organizational objectives. So, what can small business IT support provide? There are a host of services that can generally be accessed as packages or standalone products, such as:

  1. Spam filtering service
  2. Virus protection
  3. Backup and disaster recovery
  4. Networking monitoring and preventative maintenance
  5. Cloud infrastructure service and support
  6. Networking design and installation
  7. Technology assessment

Experience and Expertise

Probably one of the most valuable offerings a small business IT support company can bring to the table is its technological expertise. Many companies feel torn or confused as to what types of investments they should make into their infrastructures. The amount of research, discussion, and cost analysis that must be done can often lead organizations—especially smaller ones with fewer resources—to delay critical decisions and important purchases, simply because they don’t know which direction to turn. To boot, organizations realize there will be often a significant learning curve involved in implementing and using the new tech. Inevitably, core business objectives take precedence, and decisions continue to be delayed. Unfortunately, when critical tech decisions are delayed, at best, time and resources are wasted and productivity is decreased, and at worst, failures or breaches occur that affect key company data.

Tech Road Map

To help companies out of the quagmire of indecision, small business IT support should include a comprehensive systems assessment, in which all your key systems are evaluated. The entire burden of determining your organization’s technological needs, vulnerabilities, and challenges is outsourced to an organization with experience identifying all sorts of issues and developing proven solutions. Managed IT service companies can then help your your employees migrate to new networks and systems with ease.

Been There, Done That

Small IT support enables your organization to focus on doing what it does best, rather than worrying about complex security issues and technology-related problems. Managed IT services can reduce network downtime, increase employee productivity, and improve business continuity strategy. Plus, if there’s a problem with your network, chances are, small business IT support pros have seen it before and are already aware of the most effective solution. That’s because, unlike in-house IT employees, companies with managed technology services work with all types and sizes of companies, and therefore have experience with a wider range of business technology systems.

Investing in the Future

Managed technology services enable companies to access technologies and resources that may otherwise be financially out of reach or unfeasible. For example, investing solely in internal servers (housed on-site) can cost a significant amount of money, and, as time goes on, additional changes will likely need to be made to accommodate company growth. That said, in-house servers continue to play a significant role in company networks, even as cloud-based technology continues to become more ubiquitous. Companies today are often looking for solutions that enable them to leverage new and existing technologies together. To deliver the most flexibility, mobility and cost-savings to these organizations, small business IT support services often include hybrid-based servers, which combine cloud storage and apps with on-site server capabilities.

What You Need, When You Need It

Managed IT services tap their proven expertise to recommend and offer services that balance your needs with your budget. With sophisticated maintenance solutions and experienced network technicians, you can rely on small business IT support to monitor your systems and prevent problems before they occur. In addition, because small business IT support companies constantly stay up to date on the industry trends, security issues, technology, and more, they’re in a position to continuously bring you best-in-class products and services.

Choosing to Outsource Small Business IT Support

Managed IT services are often the right choice for small to mid-sized companies who struggle to keep up with their technological needs, want to make changes to their business systems, and/or are concerned about network security, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Because services are designed for all types of businesses, they can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific requirements. Not sure what your company needs? Figuring that out is what small business IT support like Real IT Care does best. Tap into our expertise—call us today for a comprehensive systems assessment.