Network Engineering

Real IT Care assists companies in planning new technology projects, which often flow from a Systems Assessment. Once the objectives of a technology project are established, Real IT Care provides customized network designs to better establish precise budgeting needs. Our network designs can be narrowly focused on a single solution, or broad enough to create a complete technological infrastructure.  Is your company looking for any of the following solutions?

  • Cloud Computing, a game changer for companies, offers a broad array of options to host systems offsite. These added capabilities are often difficult to navigate and to know which systems, if any, are best to host in the cloud as opposed to running inside on your company’s hardware. Real IT Care leverages industry-proven experience to make recommendations and to clarify how cloud or hybrid network designs can work best for you.
  • LAN (Local Area Network)/WAN (Wide Area Network) design and engineering, including servers, routers, firewalls, switches, cabling systems, data circuits, and wireless access to support fast and reliable communication for your employees
  • Shared server resources available to your users (file server, email server, remote access, internal website, Internet access)
  • Remote access to securely allow employees to be just as productive away from the office as they are while at their desks
  • Network operating system selection, installation, and configuration  (peer-to-peer networking, client/server networking, cloud and hybrid cloud networking)
  • Network backup systems and disaster recovery solutions
  • Security software/appliances to protect every part of your network
  • Network administration and training for internal staff

Our Network Designs service includes detailed and specific recommendations on hardware, software, and services so that you know the exact cost of your technology projects, simplifying your budgetary planning. Oftentimes, projects can be broken into phases, enabling your organization to add capabilities over time as resources become available.

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