Managed Virus Protection

If you’re a small business, and you think using free or downloadable anti-virus software such as McAfee or Norton is a great way to save some money, think again. Far too often, companies who fail to employ managed virus protection end up losing much more than they envisioned saving. Downtime, loss of productivity, data breaches, and the resulting erosion of customer trust can have devastating impacts on your business. So, what can a managed antivirus service do for your small business?

  1. Consistent Protection

Allowing employees unfettered or even limited access to their devices’ anti-virus software can have terrible consequences. First, relying on your employees to monitor and update this software takes them away from their core work objectives. Plus, we’ve found that, among small businesses who use this type of software, many of their employees have adjusted the levels of protection or even turned off the software, as some of these programs can slow computer speed.

Employees may also download or remove different types of software based on what they use at home. When software is not correctly removed or appropriately installed, it can cause more problems than it seeks to prevent. To boot, a startling number of businesses unknowingly have computers connected to their networks that employ not one, but several types of unmanaged anti-virus software solutions, further compromising security. With a managed virus protection plan from a leading IT company, your business will enjoy consistent protection that is externally monitored and updated.

  1. Regular Updates and Reports

Managed virus protection packages enterprise-class endpoint software that’s continuously monitored to ensure it’s working properly on each and every PC, device, and server in your network. You’ll also benefit from both scheduled and real-time updates to further secure your network. Too often, hackers develop new viruses or malware that can breach virus-protection software. Small-business IT support companies constantly keep abreast of potential security risks affecting the public (such as the WannaCry ransomware that surfaced in May 2017). When a new threat is detected, remote updates are implemented to ensure your managed anti-virus software has bolstered protection from these specific type attacks.

When the threats are this big and risks this high, you want to know that your network security solution is working 24/7 across every connected device. A managed antivirus service offers centralized reporting, so you have access to monthly updates on how your virus-protection solution is performing.

  1. Customized Security

Another reason why you need managed virus protection is because it can accommodate a wide range of protection requirements. As we mentioned in an earlier post about a data security solution, different types of companies have varying security needs. With the advanced security features afforded by managed virus protection, you won’t get a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you’ll benefit from a flexible, scalable solution that can be adjusted as the needs of your company evolve.

While standalone anti-virus programs may also offer varying levels of protection, it takes a trained IT professional to assess and dial in the appropriate level of security. Having more security features than you need can bog down your computers and slow your network—but having too little can have serious unintended consequences. The experts at Real IT Care have extensive experience in assessing your company’s risk level and ensuring your anti-virus solution is delivering just the right amount of protection.

  1. Significant Savings

While many cite cost savings as a reason not to employ an outsourced security solution, believe it or not, managed virus protection often costs less than many types of standalone anti-virus software. For the price, you receive comprehensive security, monitoring, and management, with centralized reporting and real-time response and updates to specific threats. In a time where sinister technologies, including malware, spam, viruses, and ransomware, are constantly evolving, this can make all the difference between a proactively eliminated threat and a catastrophic attack.

Because managed virus protection is backed by a team of experts at an outsourced IT company, you won’t need to rely on your employees to manage, update, and maintain their own standalone programs, so they’ll have more time to focus on core business objectives. Plus, the comprehensive protection afforded to you by a managed solution means you won’t suffer the direct and indirect financial losses associated with a virus attack. All in all, you’ll spend less and save even more.

Comprehensive, Affordable Protection for Total Peace of Mind

Real IT Care offers a best-in-class managed antivirus service as part of our suite of managed ITCare services.

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