Company Newsletter – March 2024
Updates as We Enter Our 15th Year as Your Leading MSP From left to right: Zane Patalive, Steve Shaible, and Kenny Steinbacher As Real IT Care enters our 15th year of business, some news and updates are in order.  We began our year by... read more
Create a Network Security Plan Your Employees Will Follow
Network Security Plan To protect your business and its data, you need a network security plan that not only guides users in appropriate use of email, electronic devices, the Internet, and other aspects of your company’s network, but also make it... read more
What Kind of Data Security Solution Does Your Company Need?
Data Security Solution Every company’s digital assets need to be protected from malware, ransomware, spam, viruses, and more. Because threats to a small business’ network are so rampant, why not simply add as many layers of protection as... read more
Protect Your Digital Identity
Protect Your Digital Identity It is difficult to go a week without hearing about a new data breach or computer hack against a major company or against individual consumers.  In September 2014 Home Depot reported that the cost of their 2013 data... read more