This past year has been filled with opportunities and challenges for many of us and our hope is that this note finds you well and in a good place.

At Real IT Care, we have some exciting news that we would like to share with you. 2021 has certainly had its share of difficulties, but through these tough times, we have been blessed to add a number of new clients and additional staff members as well.

At Real IT Care, we strive to help our clients to leverage technology as a competitive advantage to increase their productivity and profitability, with the ultimate goal of helping them to achieve their business goals and objectives.  To that end, we are excited to announce that Nathan Allen has joined our staff as our Client Success Manager.

Nathan’s primary job focus is you – our current and future clients.  With 23 years working in a professional office environment, Nathan’s experience includes accounting, business management, information technology administration with a focus on end-user success, team relationship building and coaching.  Nathan’s role with Real IT Care will be to improve our company’s effectiveness in supporting our services to your company.  Please feel free to reach out to him to discuss new projects or ideas for improvement.

With the help of an experienced group of outsourced IT experts, you can make better decisions around technology investments, ensuring they help to maximize productivity and efficiency, support your overarching business objectives, and meet your goals more quickly.

Ready to bring on an entire team of outsourced technical support experts? Real IT Care is one of Pennsylvania’s most talented and experienced outsourced IT firms. Give us a call today to discuss how our veteran team of IT professionals can support your business and help you reach your goals!


Nathan Allen, Real IT Care, Client Success ManagerNathan Allen
Client Success Manager
570-323-2650 ext. 230

Network & security assessments
Customized network design
Turn-key installation
Proactive managed-support services
Advanced cybersecurity solutions
Hardware & software sales


Nathan brings with him the values and expertise that Real IT Care was founded on such as putting our clients interests first, guide not decide, partnering with and building trusting, long-term relationships, maintaining client confidentiality, while leveraging team skills and resources to effectively meet our client’s needs.  In the coming weeks and months Nathan will reach out to you to discuss how we may better serve your organization.